It's about time we fix commuting

Is commuting getting in the way of employee happiness, business performance and growth? Voy's data platform analyzes actual commute conditions and recommends a tailored program to alleviate commute agony.

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Commuting as a benefit to quality of life

What if you could enable your employees to enjoy their commutes, be healthier and arrive more relaxed and productive at work?

Empower talent with better commute options

Optimize commute spend for impact

Retain a happy, healthy community at work

Inform recruiting for a changing workforce

Meet voy

Your commute intelligence partner

Delivering actionable insights on the impact of commuting on your talent and business.

How you benefit from voy

Reimagine commuting

Understand true needs. You know that commuting to your office is bad. But how can you help? Whether you're planning to roll out commute perks for the first time or already have some in place, we help you make data-driven decisions.

Targeted commute program. Voy is the only end-to-end solution for designing a commute program that works for you and your employees. Think of us as Switzerland for commute benefits. We tailor your commute program to your employees' needs, preferences and what your company cares about. Because, let's be honest, no one solution fits all.

Easy administration. Voy makes it easy for your employees to enroll and for you to monitor success, so you can focus on what really matters: strong relationships, healthy employees and driving strategic impact in the company.

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Benefits For Your EMployees

Commuting on their terms

Commute options to choose from. 75% of employees think driving is their only option. Voy helps employees discover all their commute options (including your shuttle service, if you'd like to offer one). And no, this isn't just Google Maps; this is your employees' personal guide to their best commute experience.

Commute flexibility and peace of mind. The experience of the daily commute matters to every single one of your employees. We help you care for them by informing a commute program that provides emergency back-up options to their typical commute choice.

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