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The better you understand commuting, the more intentionally you can manage your business.

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Care to make a difference for your employees? Every day?

On average, employees spend the equivalent of 28 working days commuting per year. A waste of time? Voy's commute program recommendations are designed for impact and time well spent. Identify ways to support commute experiences, elevate your total compensation package and stay competitive with benefits that are common for your industry.

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Improve work-life-balance

Want to enable great commutes beyond driving alone to work?

Choice matters. But do your employees actually have one? Want to encourage cycling? Or give employees back quality time with hands-free commute modes? We analyze the accessibility of your offices in respect to where your employees commute from.

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Fight commute agony

Have difficulties attracting and retaining talent due to commute woes?

With a changing workforce and congested transportation infrastructure, you have to get creative to get the top talent to join your team. But everyone's commute needs are unique. Voy helps you understand your employees' tolerance for commute cost, duration and convenience. Learn about the pain points that drive commute agony. Who are your at-risk employees? And what can you do to alleviate their pain?

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There shall be no losers

Need to move offices and want to ensure talent retention?

What may be a great opportunity for your business, can quickly turn into a true nightmare for your employees. Voy models and predicts the impact of an office move on your talent to inform a targeted commute program and help you select the best location.

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